Have you ever met someone who is so fucking negative that they literally complain about every aspect of their lives and even when awesome opportunities are presented to them, they find something to complain about?

Those people are tiring, annoying, and toxic. Stay away.

If I had all the possessions which the heart and hands require, I’d still find a way to repress and resist, and at this age I don’t want to filter through wrong and right, all I have to do is apologise for hurting people who have been precious to me. 

There’s still so much to experience


Instead of polluting this website with hate, spread some love. People have enough shit going on in their life without negative comments from people who don’t know a thing about them. Brighten someone’s day & send them something nice. If you feel like you should send someone hate, get off of the internet & talk to someone about your feelings. Nobody needs excess bullshit in their life.